Cafes Kiev, Ukraine. Foods in Kiev city. Cafes in Kiev, Kiev region.
McDonalds in Sevastopol city, Ukraine. Address of McDonalds in Sevastopol: Nakhimov avenue, 14. Foods in Sevastopol, Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Phone number +380 (692) 54-30-11
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Chicken HUT in Lutsk city, Ukraine. Address of Chicken HUT in Lutsk: Konyakin street, 30. Foods in Lutsk, Volyn region. Phone number +380 (332)-283212
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Cafes Odessa, Ukraine. Foods in Odessa city. Cafes in Odessa, Odessa region.
Pizzerias Donetsk, Ukraine. Foods in Donetsk city. Pizzerias in Donetsk, Donetsk region.
Fastfood Donetsk, Ukraine. Foods in Donetsk city. Fastfood in Donetsk, Donetsk region.

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