AP Goyal Shimla Univesity Campus life inspires its students to achieve their goals, both inside and outside the classroom. The campus offers a myriad of opportunities for student to share their knowledge and ideas across the academic spectrum, and to f
One of the core beliefs that AP Goyal Shimla University embody, is that leadership is not inborn, it can always be developed. With AP Goyal Shimla University strong teacher mentoring, coaching and peer development programs AP Goyal Shimla University en
AP Goyal Shimla University is amongst the most desired University in the North region for the students. As the education package AP Goyal Shimla University offer to the students at the University includes knowledge dissemination through regular Industr
A P Goyal Shimla University (AGU), School of hospitality and tourism management, aims to deliver future leaders to the world of Enterprise. The programs have been designed to equip graduates with a broad knowledge base, skills and capabilities to face
School of Business Management in A P Goyal Shimla University , build up the students viable managerial abilities, relational abilities and business basic leadership capacity. MBA programs open students to an assortment of "center subjects" and permit s

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