With automation, science has been able to take giant leaps and why not, the solutions offered were quite unimaginable in the past. Talking about the heights that technology has scaled today, one can also get to see plenty of complicated machines and that a
There are times when all that takes a dish or a curry to become the talk of the town is just a vegetable that is simply fried and sprinkled as a seasoning.
An impactor is basically a device used to reduce size of large brittle and soft minerals like coal, limestone, gypsum, etc. As coal played a vital role in the modern industry, coal impactors are always in great demand to make it possible to process coal to
With the advent of the latest technologies as well as machines the process of manufacturing industrial casting is a simple procedure and takes lesser time than before.
Gate valve castings are designed to regulate the liquid flow through the pipes. In India, valve castings have great demand in the market. It’s not because of the durability only, these valve are designed with advanced technology.
Foundries of investment castings are using this ‘lost wax’ casting process since ages. It’s one of the historical process in which bee’s was used to form a pattern for creating varied components and parts.
In the process of foundry, there are a variety of metals used in ferrous casting method. It includes grey iron, ductile iron, malleable iron, and iron alloy, carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel.
With the development of Investment Castings India, the products made out of such casting process have become popular worldwide. This type of casting as we also know by the name of lost-wax casting has always been a part of the casting industry in India.
Steel Castings Exporter India has found trading to be beneficial as this process is widely used and is in great demand both domestically and globally. India has evolved as one of the exporters of casting which has marked its existence in the global arena.

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