Thousands of homes are sold every year, and the vast majority of these sales involve the work of an estate agent.
Si viaja con sus hijos, puede estar seguro de que disfrutarán de las vacaciones en París.
Built in 1251 by the Seljuk Emir Celaleddin Karatay, the Karatay Medrese is a masterpiece of the Medieval Turkish art. In 1955 the Karatay Medrese turned into the Ceramic Museum and boasts a beautiful portal made of sky and white marble.
Find beautiful parks and gardens in a city so developed and modern like Toronto, is amazing. Besides to be careful with each green place, garden and park in the city. Besides
The first mention in the Historical Chronicles is made about the city of Moscow, which was founded by Russian prince Yury Dolgoruky.
In 1562, Roma had only one church around all the city, The Assumption Chapel, where all Christian, who lived in Roma, prayed an listened “Word of God”, This chapel was decorated by Zuccari painter, but, in middle of XVII century
Paris, one of the most incredible cities around the world is located on the river Seine, northern France at the heart of the Île-de-France.

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